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Quixel suite & zbrush certification course

By 6 Luglio 2014 No Comments
It’s been a while since I’ve updated the blog, but what can I say? I’ve been really busy studying.
The zbrush certification course by Ryan Kingslien is taking a lot of my time, and also, I’ve been playing a lot with the beta of the quixel suite and it is AWESOME.

Don’t get me wrong it has some bugs quixel has to solve since it’s still in beta, it need more materials in the library.

But overall it’s an amazing product, and I suggest everyone to give it a shot.
Texture creation workflow has never been this quick and precise.
I’ve created a character for the zbrush certification course, the assignment was just to pose it.
This is what I created (only took a couple of days from scratch, the workflow Ryan’s teaching is that good)

clint eastwood zbrush
clint eastwood zbrush

I decided to play with this model a little more, testing the potential of the quixel suite, trying to understand the workflow.
After another couple of days of trial and error this is what I’ve been able to come up with.
I know there’s still a lot to learn, and I could create some custom materials, but for the first try I’m pretty happy with the result so far

clint eastwood zbrush quixel

So I strongly suggest again to whoever is into texturing and wants a software that can help creating believable textures in short amount of time: this IS the software you’re looking for

obi one droids

I’ll also share a workflow tutorial from the guys at quixel that explains most of the features of DDO to create awesome textures and materials.
Make sure to check this out, and again try the beta and consider purchasing this software, for 99$ it’s definetly worth it

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