About the project

Personal project.
The scope of this project was to create a real time presentation and studio configurator to showcase the power of Unreal Engine raytrace real time dynamic reflections.

After building up the Ducati, setting up UV maps and shaders I started tackling the Issue of how to build realistic reflections and present the feature in a dynamic and interesting way.
By going back to the software learning material, analyzing other projects and throuhg of course some trial and error I was able to overcome this first obstacle.

The second issue was to set up the dynamic lighting for both the sequence and the studio configurator and managing a seamless transition between them. I managed to recreate the lighting motion light streaks through the use of After Effects particular and a 360° spherical map render camera.

Creating the lighting was easy given my background with photography.

  • Unreal Engine 4

  • AdobeXD