4C Sky

Experience the sky

While working at Wedoo had the priviledge to develop a configurator that could work also as an interaction tool for the Alfa Romeo 4C.

The objective was to present the vehicle under different conditions, showcase its best features while still keeping the whole experience interesting and captivating for the users.
The four point navigation systems allows for all of this while still keeping loading times acceptable and navigation through the scenes interesting.

This projects was a culmination of the efforts of all the teams involved and we put together all the knowledge we gained up to that point to develop an innovative configurator to present the Alfa Romeo 4C.


A Cohesive vision

One of the challenges for us on the creative team was to make everything fit inside the project as one tight and cohesive vision.
Since there was a lot to work on we split the project in different parts, this is why it was so important to keep everything in check and make sure that the, Ui, lighting, rendering and felt connected and in the same “realm”.

The other challenge was also time, as fairly common for creative projects.
For this reason even though overtime was already calculated, it was a must to plan everything ahead to try and minimize the potential issue that would have had come out in the process.


With the creatives

My role for this project was mainly to focus on lighting, rendering and compositing for the Alfa Romeo 4C, both on the exterior and the interior views.

Occasionally, since the creative team wasn’t big I supported the graphic design and front end development team by providing graphic assets for the website Ui.

I was also tasked with developing the backgrounds for the different scenarios and making sure that the vehicles felt grounded in their respective environments.


Building something new

This project has been very demanding for the whole team, this is why even though is not a personal project that I built on my own, I’m including it into my portfolio, because I’m proud of how it turned out to be.
We all worked together doing a lot of overtime as well in order to finish this but the passion shows.

The navigation is divided into 4 sections: Colorizer, 360° Exterior, Sound engine and 360° interior.
This view was developed in maya by the 3D development team and implemented as a frame by frame rotation sequence. At the time we didn’t have the know how to implement it as real time assets.
Nevertheless the result was greatly appreciated by both Alfa Romeo and users.

By selecting the 4th section, 360° interior, you can discover the interior of the car and carefully explore every detail.
To showcase the interior features with settled for a 360° spherical map with hotsposts for the premium carbon fiber elements and digital dashboard.


Final thoughts

The lesson I took with me after this project, being also one of the biggest projects I worked on at the beginning of my career, was the importance of communication within a team and having a clear plan with the art director ahead of time.