On the occasion of the opening to the public of the Geneva Motor Show, the Alfa Romeo brand launched “Sky Experience”, a new digital tool which allows users to discover the new 4C Spider which combines the pleasure of “open air” driving with the character sporty and essential of the award-winning 4C Coupé.

The website was later awarded the Interactive Key Award: Best use of digital media.


CG Generalist – UI Designer

UI design, graphic design, UI design, post production, shading and rendering

The objective, a new experience.

While working at Wedoo had the chance to work on this new configurator for the launch of the new 4C spider.

The objective was, in addition to providing product information, for the new tool to  allows the user to actively interact with the 4C Spider by selecting one of the four times of the day – Sunrise, Noon, Sunset and Night – associated with a “sky” but also with an “environment” different.

The goal was to create an “experiencing” tool.

The process

There was a lot to work on, from UI to development and from 3D design to rendering.

Assets were provided by Alfa Romeo as well as guidelines for colors to be rendered, and we focused on 4 lighting environments to let the users experience the vehicle in different situation and light condition.

We supported shaping the look and feel of the configurator by creating quick mockups with maya and photoshop before jumping into lighting, rendering and creating all the components for the UI.

Since time was of the essence constant feedback loops were required to keep the project on track, as well as a lot collaboration between different departments between CGI and UI.

A lot of work was also put into optimizing the workflow and task assignment, we were working within the creative team with scrum, having daily standups to align on previous and current tasks, and blockers.

The end product

The several awards and recognition received speak about the quality of the work put into making something new, allowing users to not only get information about the new 4C, but also experience it.

The navigation was divided into 4 sections: Colorizer, 360° Exterior, Sound engine and 360° interior. By selecting the 4th section, 360° interior, you can discover the interior of the car and carefully explore every detail with a spherical map with hotsposts for the premium carbon fiber elements and digital dashboard.

Final thoughts

The lesson I took with me after this project, being also one of the biggest projects I worked on at the beginning of my career, was how crucial frequent feedback loops are, as well as open communication and support between team members.

This project helped shape my interest in building product for users to experience.

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