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About me_

Hello there and thanks for you interest in what I do and for stopping by
to get to know me better.

Let me tell you a little bit more about me,
my experiences and skills I’ve acquired through the years

working as a multidisciplinary designer.

You can also download my resume

Currently employed as UX/UI Designer at Re’flekt in Munich with now 11 years of experience working in the design field

I’ve worked 7 years in Italy at Wedoo. I focused on digital media, animation and advertisement with clients like Lavazza, diSaronno and Alfa Romeo. Later that shifted more in the direction of the production of car configurators.
What I took from this experience was the importance of Quality assurance
above Quality control.

At 3DExcite I was tasked with managing great volumes of data for the brand Opel, as well as teaching new collegues our workflow and software.

With Virtuelles Studio, I worked closely together with clients like BMW, VW and Audi.
I supported different departments around germany with my experience and the ability to effectively communicate and understand our clients needs and expectations.

Working as a freelance designer, I refined my project management skills and
the importance of communication and mutual understanding.

Now as the principal UX UI designer on Re’flekt Products I’m putting my experiences to use managing communication between development and managment, insuring quality of deliverey and customers satisfaction.



My passion for user centered design and the design thinking process, allows me to be able to keep the true objective of a project in sight, and to openly communicate with developers about product priorities.

3D Design

Working in the 3D design field molded my worflow to be very structured and well organized, it also gave me a keen eye for subtle details. I’m still very intrigued by the future of AR and VR technologies.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance importance is a lesson learned mostly the hard way. With my experience I make sure to test often during the iteration process products or features usability, making sure a project meets clients standards expectations withouth impacting usability.


I have also experience in both directly teaching new hires and collegues, softwares and worflows as well as developing complex courses, lessons and writing clear and concise documentation.

Project Management

Between my work as a freelancer and working with clients like BMW, I strive to keep an organized and well documented work schedule, handling clients requests, balancing resources and always keep projects on track.


My first job was photographer for sports events, where I learned to react quickly and be prepared for any situation. As a Studio photographer instead I developed a good eye for visual aesthetic and color balance.