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working as a multidisciplinary designer.

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About me

Currently employed as Senior VR Designer/Cas modeler Virtuelles Studio in Munich with now  10 years of experience working in the design field

I’ve worked close to 7 years in Italy at Wedoo. During my first 3 years there we focused on digital media, animation and advertisement with clients like Lavazza, diSaronno and Alfa Romeo. Later our focus shifted more in the direction of  the production of car configurators, from modeling to digital compositing as well as high quality prints for brands like jeep and alfa romeo that helped me develop an attention to small details as well as quick problem solving skills and versatility.

With my previous employer 3DExcite I was tasked with managing great volumes of data for the brand Opel and its car configurator, rendering and compositing, as well as teaching new collegues our workflow and software.

With my present employer, Virtuelles Studio, I made myself valuable by bringing the experience I had gained previously, and by being always ready and quick to adapt to the production workflow as well being flexible as support to every department and office we have around germany.

I have also experience as a freelance digital designer, I am used to deal with clients directly, time constraints and last minute requests from clients as well as manage my time according to schedule and project difficulty.


I received my BA in digital design at the European Institute of Design – IED in Turin italy.
There I was tought graphic design, video editing, illustration, web design, html & css, art direction, art history and some basic javascript skills.
My 3rd year I went to study abroad in England at the University for the Creative Arts – UCA in Rochester, Kent, where I specialized in 3D animation, rendering, modeling, storytelling and characterization.
To further my knowledge I took a Zbrush certification course which now allows me to teach the software professionally.
In 2018 I took part in a specialization course for Class A surface modeling, kindly sponsored by Virtuelles Studio here in Germany to improve my Autodesk Alias skills.

I believe in the importance of always keeping up to date with new technologies, softwares and ideas. This is why whenever possible I still find time to learn something new.