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About me_

Hello, I’m Gabriele and I’m passionate about design as a tool to help others and improve their experiences.

Currently employed as Senior UX/UI Designer at NavVis in Munich with now 13 years of experience working in the design field

While at Wedoo in italy I focused on UI design, digital media, animation and 3D design and had the chance to work on exciting big project for clients like Lavazza, diSaronno and Alfa Romeo.

At both 3DExcite and Virtuelles studio I worked closely together with automotive clients like Opel, BMW, VW and Audi. I supported different departments and people around germany with my experience and the ability to effectively communicate and understand our clients needs and expectations.

Now as senior UX/UI designer at NavVis I’m putting my experiences to use on the exciting product that is IVION making sure we solve our customer problems without losing focus on the end users.


Problem solver

I love to solve problems, I’m energized by it. The challenge of analyzing the symptoms, identifying what is wrong, and finding the solution drives me. I feel the greatest push when faced with complex and unfamiliar problems and enjoy bringing things back to life.


When faced with assumptions I need proof and data to back them up. I’m objective, logical and I like data because they are value free. Searching for patterns and connections I want to understand how certain patterns affect one another until, gradually, the root cause or causes are revealed.


This perspective allows me to easily see patterns within complexity, I’m able to play out alternative scenarios and see around the next corner where I can evaluate accurately the potential obstacles. I’m then able to select which presents the most ideal outcome.


I’m fascinated by the potential the future might hold, wheter it’s new tech, knowledge or a better product. This vision inspires me and I enjoy sharing ideas to inspire others. Through storytelling or visual aid I’m driven by the exchange of concepts and new ideas for the future, and I choose my words carefully to paint a picture as vivid as possible.

Team player and builder

The success of a project or product is only equal to the sum of the people involved into making it a reality. We can build better products by sharing ideas and perspectives rather than separate.
With this mindset I helped manage and support junior designers, sharing insights and help them communicate ideas better to stakeholders and C-level management.

Always learning

I’m drawn to the process of learning. This enables me to thrive in dynamic work environments where I’m asked to take on project assignments and are expected to learn new and complex subject matters in a short period of time. By extention I also enjoy sharing the knowledge and get excited by the prospect of helping others understand challenging topics.